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    The Drifters at the Hawks Well Theatre

  • This fabulous vocal group relives the magic of that splendid era breathing new life into those fabulous songs such 'Saturday Night at the Movies', 'Under the Boardwalk', 'Save the Last Dance', 'My Girl' and more. 

    The lineup includes the legendary Richie Sampson who was frontman for the fantastic British band The Foundations. The vocal group is completed by Paul Anthony, Roy Bailey and Victor Alexander - all renowned vocalists in their own right.

    This Drifters Tribute Band  performances have been recognised world wide.

    What not make a night of it and stay with us!  

  • Date: 02.04.2020 - 02.04.2020
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    Christy Dignam & Joe Jewell at the Hawks Well Theatre

  • 9th of April 2020 at 8pm

    Aslan's extraordinary singer and frontman Christy Dignam and his lifelong friend and co-founder of Aslan, songwriter/guitarist Joe Jewell perform together in this intimate acoustic show featuring the main hit songs of AslanCrazy World and This Is.

    The duo will also perform some very special cover songs by other artists such as David Bowie and Pink Floyd that inspired the duo throughout their rock n roll career with Aslan.

    Make a night of it and stay with us!
  • Date: 09.04.2020 - 09.04.2020
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    Max T. Barnes: Stories Behind The Hit Songs at the Hawks Well Theatre

    Thursday 30th of April 2020 

    Tickets available at Hawk's Well theatre box office

    Nashville singer/songwriter 
    Max T. Barnes has written the hits you’ve loved for years. He and his father, Max D. Barnes have sold 70 million records, scoring 33 #1’s for names like CashHaggardJones, and Nelson; songs like LoveMeWho’s gonna fill their shoes, and Look at us by Vince Gill.

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  • Date: 30.04.2020 - 30.04.2020
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    Fishamble presents Forgotten at the Hawks Well Theatre

  • Friday 29th of May 2020

    tickets available at


    Written and performed by Pat Kinevane

    ‘Has no one a skitter o’ dignity left?’
    A unique collage of Kabuki dance and Irish storytelling, Forgotten has been a huge international success for Fishamble during the past decade. It is a captivating portrayal of four elderly characters living in retirement homes around Ireland. Pat Kinevane’s haunting performance brings to life these sometimes forgotten voices of society.

    ‘Drop everything. Book now…vigorous theatricality and an incisive, often scabrous wit…a seamless blend of style and substance…astonishingly realised…a consummate act of storytelling…shot through with compassion, understanding and performative adventurousness…it is a striking accomplishment; captivating, moving, and – yes – even unforgettable.’ The Irish Times

    ‘Never underestimate the substance, the complexity, of a long life. ‘Forgotten,’ Pat Kinevane’s one-man show at the Irish Arts Center, gracefully illustrates that point with mimickry, invention and formidable stamina. Well paced and poignant. Mr. Kinevane artfully conveys the secrets, the hidden past, of the aged, and the dignity often behind their quaint, seemingly innocuous bearing.’ New York Times

    Fishamble is an Olivier Award-winning internationally acclaimed Irish theatre company, dedicated to the discovery, development and production of new work.

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  • Date: 29.05.2020 - 29.05.2020
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    An Abbey Theatre Production This Beautiful Village at the Hawks Well Theatre

  • Saturday 4th of July 2020 at 8.00pm
    Tickets available at

    ‘Paul, darlin’, this isn’t a democracy. It’s a residents association.’

    Lisa Tierney-Keogh’s razor-sharp This Beautiful Village premiered at the Abbey Theatre with a sold-out run in September 2019.
    On a quiet street in leafy, suburban Dublin, local residents meet about a piece of graffiti.
    Who did it? What does it mean? And what’s to be done about it? They have wine and a quorum. Nothing can go wrong.
    Exposing every side of what it means to co-exist in Ireland today, six people will confront their pride, prejudice and privilege.
    It won’t be pretty. But it could be beautiful.


    ★★★★ 'Explosively funny' Sunday Business Post

    'A terrific new play, utterly clued in to the zeitgeist' Irish Independent

    'An absorbing, funny, challenging play as hot as today's bread fresh from the oven' Sunday Independent

    'Excellent ensemble' The Guardian

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  • Date: 04.07.2020 - 04.07.2020
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    An Evening with Michael Harding at the Hawks Well Theatre

  • Thursday 17th September

    Tickets available at

    Join Ireland’s foremost storyteller as he takes to the roads, dispensing his unique take on ordinary and extraordinary life in Ireland today.

    “A self-deprecating and winsome writer whose bittersweet musings on middle-age, loneliness and the search for spiritual enlightenment…are leavened by an incredibly dry and unforced wit”  Metro Herald

    “…an embattled hero for our times”        The Sunday Times

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  • Date: 17.09.2020 - 17.09.2020
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    Ed Byrne - If I’m Honest at the Hawkswell Theatre, Sligo

  • Wednesday 7th October 2020

    Tickets available at

    Join Ed Byrne as he takes a long hard look at himself and tries to decide if he has ANY traits that are worth passing on to his children.

    A TV household name, Ed has been seen on pretty much every TV programme in the UK including Mock The WeekTop GearHave I Got News For YouThe Graham Norton ShowLive At The Apollo (Host), The One ShowThe World’s Most Dangerous RoadsDara & Ed’s Big AdventureDara and Ed’s Road to Mandalay and most recently QI and The Pilgrimage.

    Make a night of it and stay at the 4 star Sligo Southern Hotel and Leisure Centre, just 8 minute walk from the theatre

  • Date: 07.10.2020 - 07.10.2020
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    Des Bishop: Mia Mamma at the Hawkswell Theatre

  • Saturday 28th of November 2020

    Tickets available at

    Mia Mamma
    I am often asked “where do you get your material from?” The truth is really that I try to see the funny in everything. My mother died in March 2019 and of course it was sad and grief can be tough sometimes but I saw a lot of funny in that too. Since death comes to us all and grief is something most of us will experience I thought there must be plenty of people who would like that funny to be shared. Also I did a show about my Dad being sick back in 2010 and I couldn’t face my mother in the afterlife because I know her first question would be “your Father got a show, how come I didn’t get one?”

    I think it’s tougher to lose your mum. My Dad was best supporting actor. My mother was the actress in a leading role. You are never ready when the star of the show dies. So this is a show about My mother. It’s a show about motherhood and sacrifice, anxiety and grief, the mistakes you make as a mother and a son and the hard road to forgiveness and finally it’s about loss, grief and the chaos that surrounds it.

    Where do I get my material from?
    Life and death!

    Stay with us just an 8 minute walk from the theatre

  • Date: 28.11.2020 - 28.11.2020